5 Practical Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom

Happy Friday Teacher Friend!

So Mother’s Day is coming up, along with pages and pages of Pinterest posts about Mother’s Day gifts for your students to make.  It’s difficult to decide what’s best, not to mention difficult to find the time to search, am I right?  So, to make your life SO much easier, here are 5 fun, totally different gifts for your kiddos’ mothers:

This is a fantastic and fun idea by Soaring Through Second.  Create a backdrop, have kiddos write why they love mom on a white board, and take pictures.  You can add goofy props, costumes, or maybe a craft.  If you have extra cash, have it printed on something to create a longer lasting memory for mom.





2. Washi Tape Clothespins

What better way to say “I love you” than a practical gift made with love?  This idea from Life with Lovebugs is adorable, quick, and relatively inexpensive.  Not to mention, you can differentiate based on age.  For example, use washi tape for young ones, or stickers, or other adhesive.  You can write their name and date in thin Sharpie on the side as a mom keepsake.  For older kids, get some thin markers and have them decorate the clothespins themselves.  You can get 100 from Michael’s for about $3.  Divide them accordingly and here’s the best part: rather than wrap the clothespins, have kiddos clip them to a Mother’s Day card.  Cute right?  In case you’re wondering why clothespins are a good idea, think about all the ways you could use some.  One use in particular is to keep snack bags closed as pictured on the Life with Lovebugs website.

3.   STEAM for Mother’s Day

We posted this one last week on our blog.  You can combine Earth Day awareness with a cute Mother’s Day gift.  Read more HERE.





4.  Button Flowers

These are fun and great for mom to add to greenery that’s lying around the house.  They will never die and they’re easy to display!  Check out the tutorial from Jones Design Company.  For a pop of extra color, use pipe cleaners instead of plain wire.



5.  Crayon Candles

You can make this a STEAM activity with chaosensued, or opt for the quicker version with brit.co.  Obviously you will have to nix the exacto knife and you don’t need the plate stand unless you want the diagonal look in the photos.  There are multiple tutorials and some use extra wax.  Some do not.  I’m not sure which is best so if you’ve done this before, please enlighten us in the comments below.  The sun melted version from chaosensued will look a little mushy.  If you want a layered look, brit.co is the best way to go.  Now, if you want to add an art lesson to the STEAM lesson and make it a triple threat, have kids choose only two colors to combine.  When they melt together they will form a new color!

And of course, no Mother’s Day is complete without a card.  Click the image below for a fun piggy back song that you can print on cardstock or glue on construction paper.  Have kids decorate for a unique Mother’s Day craft.

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Have an awesome weekend!

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