The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Classroom Culture

I Hope You are Enjoying Your Summer!

I know you are breathing a sigh of relief that summer is finally here and you are on your well-deserved break! I hope that you will take this time and do something fun and special just for you. While you’re enjoying some much-needed sun and rest, I imagine you’re dreaming up ways to make next year even better. Try these tips on creating the perfect classroom culture from the start!

Classroom Mascot

The first thing I do to establish classroom culture is introduce Quality Quentin, our class mascot. I tell my students that he is here to help us with quality behavior. He takes turns going home with a quality student each day. He also has a journal that the students write in when they take him home. They love sharing what they write in Quentin’s journal!

I read this book about being a quality student.  It is a book about the first day of school and Quentin learns what “Quality” means.

Then we listen to this song that teaches the kiddos all about good behavior. We do an anchor chart about what they heard in the song about good behavior.  It’s a FREE download in our store!

Next, I show them motions that go to the song. They spell ”Quality” with their bodies when they sing and dance to the song.

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Classroom Meeting

We form a circle

Have each student sit in a circle while you discuss the rules of a class meeting.
I explain that the only person allowed to talk is the one holding Quentin. Each child introduces him or herself. They say “My name is_________ and a quality student__________________. I was so pleased to see so many of them remember things from the song! You may even want to write down the expectations your students share as a reminder for the class. Post it up somewhere in your classroom.

Now I know y’all don’t have a Quentin. I had Quentin made. You can pick up a penguin and do what I did, get the hat, shoes and jacket at Build a Bear. You can also use this process with any other mascot that suits your classroom.

My students love Quentin and work hard to be quality students so they can take him home!


Well, that’s it for Day 1! Come back and see what I do on Day 2 to encourage quality culture in my classroom.

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Do you have more ideas to share from your own classroom? Maybe you have a suggestion that would improve on our ideas? Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Comment below or join our Quality Teachers Think Tank to share great ideas all the time.

Have an awesome summer!