Ultimate Guide to Classroom Culture- Day 3

Hazy Dog Days to You My Little Bacon Slice!

Here we are at Day 3 of the first week of school! We hope that y’all have gotten some great tips for Day 1 and Day 2 of back to school.

For the third day, Pam brings her students over to the carpet and they sing and dance to the Quality Student song. Remember it is a free download in our store:

Then they sit down in a circle and Pam reminds them of the rules about holding Quentin and class sharing.  Just in case you missed the first two days, the only student who should be talking is the one holding Quentin. This time Pam explains that she wants them to look at the student beside them and say, “Good morning_____________. My name is____________ and a quality student____________________. This is a way that they can learn their classmates names. Many of Pams students will mention words from the song, and some students will come up with their own ideas.  Then Pam draws a blank person on chart paper. It is just like a gingerbread outline. She titles it Quality Student and the students brainstorm how a quality student uses their eyes, ears, mouth, brain, heart, hands and feet. She draws a line to each body part and writes what they say. They do this on another outline that is titled Quality Teacher, and they brainstorm what they think a quality teacher should be like. Pam recalls:

“It was so sweet when one of my kiddos said that a quality teacher should love her students with her heart and another one said that a quality teacher should hug with her hands:)”

She posts both of the diagrams on the wall and it is a great reminder of what quality people should be like.

Next, she sends the students to their seats and they draw and label their own quality students for a class big book.  

The students love sharing this book over and over!

That’s it for Day 3!  Tune in next week for Day 4.

Do you have more ideas to share from your own classroom? Maybe you have a suggestion that would improve on our ideas? Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Comment below or join our Quality Teachers Think Tank to share great ideas all the time.

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Have a sizzling week and we’ll chat with you later!