Ultimate Guide to Classroom Culture Day 5

First off…

I was looking through my photos and I realized that I forgot to tell y’all about my decoration that leads into my classroom. I put Quentin and Mandy outside my door with the caption “Welcome Quality First Graders!” That way, they see the word quality right away and I refer to that when they come to circle time the first day. In fact, I ask them if anyone knows what “quality” means and then I read our Quentin’s First Day book. The students get so excited when they see Quentin and Mandy in the book because they are displayed outside my door!  If you don’t have our book, you can choose characters from another book about school behavior.

If you are just now joining us, catch up below:

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I add ice floes and take pictures of the kids with their quality crowns and add them standing on them.

If you don’t have our Back to School Pack , you can sign up with your email, and get a quality crown for free!  We’ve also included our progressive Quality Student Book.  Sign up below by clicking on the picture.

They walk into the room and see Quality Quentin throughout the room.

Now back to Day 5!

We still start our morning singing and dancing to the Quality Student song. Then we sit in a circle with our Quality Quentin mascot and go around the circle introducing ourselves, welcoming the friend next to us, and now we say, “I am a quality student because I_____________________________.”
It is so exciting to see the differences in how my students respond in the circle! I have heard comments like, “I am a quality student because I helped my friend” or “I am a quality student because I listened to the teacher.”

The students will act out what the characteristics for each letter in quality stand for. Remember you can get the song for free!
Q-Quiet when we need to be-We all put our fingers up like we are shooshing someone.
U-Understanding towards others-We will pat a friend on the back.
A-Awesome in every way- We hold up our thumbs or the kids will do another action that makes them awesome.
L-We love to learn! We will point to our brains or act like we are holding a book.
I-We are all important parts- We just look important as we hold our arms down in an I formation
T-Team working together-Hold up arms in a T and move them up and down like we are exercising
Y-It’s up to you-We point at each other.

Now, the students can give great examples of how they show each characteristic of quality.

We also reread Quentin’s First Day and do the comprehension sheet that is in the Back to School Pack.

I already shared the Quentin dollars that you can also grab for free, but I also put up this class incentive page from the Back to School Pack and add the cute little Quentin penguins to it when we show quality student behavior. They love it when another adult comments on how well they are behaving! Then we come into class and add a penguin to our glacier. When we have 10, we will celebrate with extra recess or computer time or lunch in the room. I try to let the students vote on what we will do.  This is a great example of a token reward system, which I highly recommend.  Read more about token systems HERE.

 We  read our quality student poem, and I have the students illustrate it and add it to their poetry notebooks. You can grab it for free or snag it in the Back to School Pack.  The crowns are pictured below:

Grab the Quality Crowns for FREE


And of course…WRITING!

My students actually start drawing and writing about Quality Quentin on their own. Here are a few samples:


This one was written by one of my ELL students who didn’t speak a lot of English.

I promise- just one more! Two of my students got together and wrote this story.  It is about an ocean animal bullying other animals and how Quentin teaches him how to be a quality animal!

Just the first page of their chapter book!

Wow! It was so amazing to me how these students applied the concept of “quality” that they learned.


So, I hope that this series has given you some tips on setting that quality culture in your classrooms! We would love to hear ideas for how you set classroom culture!


Hope your year is terrific!