5 Fun Ways to Learn Sight Words (with a Spooky Twist)

 Below are some fun ways to teach and reinforce sight words.  In parentheses we’ve added a Halloween twist:

(Spooky)Sight Word Recall

Give your student or students a stack of  sight word flash cards. If you want to purchase our monster sight word cards, then you can use those.  Have him, her, or them select all the words they recognize and put the words aside.  Then, have them select the vocabulary words they recognize from another stack.  See how many sentences they can create from the words they recognize.  If you want to make it more of a competition, have each student race him or herself to see how many he or she can create in 5 min, 3 min, etc.

*Differentiate: Have them see how fast they can write the sentences as they create them.  Or, have them see how fast they can read the sentences as they create them.

Sight Word Flash(Sight Word Trick or Treat)

Done with a partner
See how many sight word cards/vocabulary cards they can recognize in a minute.  Each time they increase their word count they get a token(treats provided in the Monster Sight Words Pack).  They can earn a certain number of tokens to get a prize.

Go Fish Sort(Sight Word Pumpkin Patch)

Done with a partner
Take a sort and turn it into a Go Fish game.  (We have a pumpkin sort in our ELA Bundle.)  They have to collect words from the word families they have. The first to get all the words in their word family wins.  For example,  one student would have to get all -oat words.  Another student might have to get all -an words, etc.
*You could just duplicate the monster cards and play regular Go Fish as well.  You would call it Monster Match.

ABC War(Alphabet Monsters)

Done with a partner 
Played like the game “War,” only the student with the highest word alphabetically wins.  For example, “are” would beat “it”

Monster Dance Off

Performed like the “Hokey Pokey.”  Give each student a sight word card, or to be brief, you can choose a group of students.  Go around the room and make sure each student knows the word on his or her card.  For practice, you could go around the circle in order.  After a few rounds, try skipping around the circle.  The easiest way to do this is to take the word list from our Sight Words pack and cut it to fit your needs.  This way you have a master list in front of you and don’t have to keep looking at each child’s word as you go around the circle.

You’re in Luck!

It is Freaky Friday again, and y’all can get our Monster Sight Words, which include 100 words, for just a $1 today! Click on the picture below to purchase or see more:

Pam’s kiddos love reading their sight words on these cute little monsters!

They look for patterns in our word cards.

We also have the entire Monster Bundle on sale for $3 which includes the fun I Have Who has game.  If y’all choose to purchase the bundle, remember you get all the sight words, Boo game, and all 3 I Have, Who Has games. No need to purchase the sight words separately.

And if you need more Fall or Halloween activities- Get all these monster games,  plus 20 pumpkin word family sorts, number cards, scoot games, candy corn fact families, pumpkin cycle interactive page, pumpkin cycle pocket chart poem, short vowel sheets, counting by fives spider wheel, counting by tens sheet, a book about kindness in the pumpkin patch and so much more! 170 pages of fun 50% off! Read more by clicking on the picture below:

You can check out all the $1 deals here

 Please leave us feedback on how these ideas are working in your classroom.  If you have ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them!  Have a Fun Freaky Friday!!


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