The Perfect List of Christmas Tree Games for Your Classroom

Good Day to You My Little Tree Enthusiast!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is most definitely the Christmas tree. I love the lights, the garland, the smell(if yours is real), and naturally the bright shiny gifts underneath. So why not come up with some educational stuff to go with the tree, right? Here is a list of awesome activities for around your Christmas tree.

We begin with the tree

Of course you can’t have Christmas tree games without a tree! I am a huge fan of encouraging students to do as much as possible themselves. This is a great opportunity for learning, expression, and of course means less prep for you. Sweet! Below are some fun, easy tree ideas that involve process art(my favorite kind!)

Triangle Tree– You have to scroll to the bottom with this one. Such a great idea because it uses a shape, too. You can talk about properties of a triangle, and the tree is a tessellation(if you want to go that far). Math…check! Art…check!

Paper Plate Tree– Same idea only with circles, and the tree is not a tessellation. But, you can still talk about properties of a circle.


Mitten Tree– Ok this last one isn’t artsy, but it’s a great way for your students to help others. Use the idea pictured in the link, only it would be strings with clothespins attached. Have each student bring in a pair of new or gently used mittens/gloves to clip onto the tree.

There are of course, a ton more ideas, so have fun with it!

Fun and Games

We begin with the gift hunt

Have each student create a gift either out of construction paper or actually wrap an empty box. These gifts will be used for answers.

Once the presents have been prepared with the answers, have each student hide his or her present around the room. Next each student will take a card. When you say “go,” all students will find their presents and put them under the tree as fast as they can. You can do this a couple times to see if they can get faster.

Where do the questions come from?
 An appropriate inquiry. Here’s where you get to tailor the activity to your needs.

For Language Arts: you can use our Brain Bounce cards, or other quiz cards to practice vocabulary.

For Math: any Scoot game would work great.  Or, if you have flash cards, task cards, etc. those work well also.  I’ve listed some of our seasonal options below:

Candy Brain Bounce

Christmas Mouse Brain Bounce

Winter Scoot Bundle

Now if you’re looking for a great free resource, you can click below to get our popular Holidays  Around the World Poem!


Ornament Fun

My inspiration for this came from Make ornaments for the tree. You can have your students decorate them or you can just whip them up. Use light colors because the students will be writing on them. After they are laminated, put them on the tree.

Ornament word families– Start by choosing a word family and tell the students what it is. Have them(either in teams or individually) take turns going up to the tree and writing a word on a blank ornament. The trick is to either fill all the ornaments or not get stumped. If a team/person gets stumped, they’re out and have to wait for the next round. Everyone left standing gets a point. The team or person with the most points wins.

Ornament multiples/factors
– This one might be a little more advanced. Choose a number and have students take turns writing its factors or multiples. For example, 25 would have 1, 5, 25 as its factors. Multiples of 5 would be 5, 10, 15, etc. Since these answers are limited, you might want to eliminate the competition aspect and just challenge them to see what they know.

Ornament I Spy– Pick a color and have each student write or draw something that is that color. You can do the same with beginning sounds too!

Anything I missed?

Do you have more ideas to share from your own classroom? Maybe you have a suggestion that would improve on our ideas? Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Comment below or join our Quality Teachers Think Tank to share great ideas all the time.

Have a very merry week and I’ll chat with you later!

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