Snowmen At Night

This is one of my favorite winter books!

I read it to my class pretty much every year.  It is adorable and they absolutely love it!  Knowing what it is to be a teacher, I understand how valuable it is to have multiple great activities for one resource.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Snowman Activities Chart

This is a great way to get ideas flowing before the students begin writing.  You can have students free-write or use the prompt from Glyph Girls.

2. Shared Snowman Writing

 After doing a brainstorm with your students, you can all work on building a story together.  Students can take turns adding their own ideas to the story.  This is a very effective idea from Teaching with Love and Laughter.

3. Create Your Own Snowscene

I give them black and white construction paper to create their own snowmen.  We also use fun things like sparkle pieces, pom poms, google eyes, and foam pieces.  My students love this!  They even enjoy writing about what their snowmen do at night.
These are some pictures of the creative process going on.
Here are a couple final products!

4. Build a Snowman

This little number is perfect for building a foundation with grouping and multiplication.  The tactile feature is great for hands-on students and it comes with a fill in the blank sheet for easy assessment!
Read about how to get it for free!

5. Roll a Snowman

This is a wonderful math activity for your younger kiddos.  Each number on the die represents a different part of the snowman.  Great idea from Funky Polka Dot Giraffe!


6. Snowman Graph

The idea is from Green Bean Kindergarten, but the image is from Miss Egatuk’s DK.  Spell students’ names with snowballs to create their own snowmen.  Place each “name snowman” on a large piece of paper lined up horizontally.  This creates a graph where students can determine who has the longest name, shortest name, same length, etc.
We also have these wildly popular games to go along with your snowy units!  Students love to play these games and they get them up and moving, and if your weather is as bad as mine, you need something for them to be engaged in learning as they get rid of some of that energy! We have also included fun winter manipulatives so they also make great math centers!  Some teachers like to tape the cards on the walls around the room and have students record their answers on the recording sheets that we have also included. There is a teacher guide with ideas on how to use the cards.
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 Well that’s all.  Enjoy your snowy week!

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