The Supreme List of Community Helpers Essentials

We had so much fun celebrating our wonderful community helpers!


1. Community Helpers Book

We started by reading this Community Helper book which is included in our Community Helpers unit.

My students took turns reading the pages.  One of my students read “He builds our houses”
The rest of the class tried to guess which community helper he was reading about.

They were so excited to yell out, “builder!”  You can see in the pictures on the right that “She likes to help me at school” would be “teacher.”  The color for each community helper matches the color for their job description to help your students make stronger connections.

You can read any book that you may have on community helpers.


2. Community Helpers Song

We sang and acted out our Community Helpers song.  These kiddos are singing “Community Helpers are always standing by.”








This little guy was having fun doing the last part of the song with his air guitar.

Student connections:
I started my unit on community helpers on Monday and my students did not know what they were.  We started singing the song, “Community Helpers” and every time we do a paper on the subject, the students break out in song.  I asked the students who the community helpers were today and most of the students raised their hands and could correctly tell me.  It was exciting to hear a student say “community helpers help our community”  which is from the song.
I was breaking down the song, and when we started talking about “are always standing by,”  I asked the students what that meant. They thought it was when someone was right beside you.  I explained that it means the community helpers are always ready to help us. One of the students said, “that is like you Mrs. Beckner because you are always here to help us.”  Another student said, “Yeah you help us to learn.”

3. Community Helpers Activities

My students dressed up like community helpers.  I gave them the wrong tools on purpose so that the other students would come up and give the helpers the correct tools.  They thought it was pretty funny.
This is one of the students giving our fireman the correct tool.


4. Follow Up Community Helpers Worksheets

My class loved dressing up and they had no trouble doing our sheets after singing the song and having our community helper visuals.

This is just one of the sheets in our bundle that has the students match the correct tool to the correct helper.
My students loved making the 9 community helper finger puppets that we sang about in the song.
This creative gal (above) decided to create her own puppet theater! I just love to see children come up with their own ideas like this!
I also had more students use these setting sheets as a background for their finger puppets. They acted out the community helper song while they danced their puppets around.

5. Community Helper Class Book

We made a class book about what community helper we want to be when we grow up.

 Get the entire bundle for 50% off at our brand new store for a limited time! You can check out the reviews on TeachersPayteachers.

Buy the Bundle

Happy Helping!


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6 thoughts on “The Supreme List of Community Helpers Essentials”

  1. How cute! I love the mixed-up tools game! Very creative. I'm sure they had a blast! Thanks for sharing your fun ideas.

    1. Thanks Brenda!
      They just laughed and said "Mrs. Beckner that's not right!"
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks Laura! I have a large population of ELL students so I am always trying to think of ways that are more engaging and will give my students more visual and kinesthetic learning.

    Thank you for your comments!

    We hope you will stop by next Friday!

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