My Visit to Rise Up!


Hello My Awesome Readers!

I am so excited to share my visit to Rise Up with y’all! Just in case you didn’t know or you may have forgotten, Rise Up is the wonderful after school program that SOLTrainLearning donates to every month. When you make a purchase from our store, a portion of your sales go to Rise Up, so thank you! Rise Up is an after school program for kids K-12 and their goal is to mentor these children to achieve post-high school education. Many of these kids will be the very first generation in their families to attend college. The organization feeds these kids, helps them with homework, and implements initiatives to build character. There are signs like this all over the building.

This wall was my favorite!

I noticed that as Ms.Sherry was giving me a tour, that she would always stop to give her kids a hug!

These are a few of the activity rooms. They have adults here to help them with their homework first.

This is a room for the girls. I love this because the girls decorated it themselves.     

This is where Ms.Sherry does yoga with the kids. She said that it has helped them to be more controlled. I think I need Ms.Sherry's class!

This is one of the staff members hugging on one of the kids that go there. I was so impressed with how loving and caring these people are, and these sweet babies need that!

These girls are so excited about their basketball team here at Rise Up! One of the girls was showing me their shirts.                 

Rise Up's sports teams have won quite a few trophies!

There are quite a few buses that go to the different schools to pick up the kids. This cute little girl was so proud of her new hairdo that the staff member had just done, Fun at the basketball court!

This is my hubby who had to try the climbing wall!

This last picture sums it up! All the kids here at Rise Up  are made to feel like they belong and they are loved!

One of the things that Tim and I also noticed was how polite these kids were. They always said hello, opened doors for us, and said please and thank you! They need our help to stay in business and these kids need us! Every time you purchase something from SOLTrainLearning, you are helping these kids! So, if you need teaching resources, please check us out and know you are helping these kids when you buy from us. If you don't need anything right now, and you are willing, please donate to Rise Up! They have just received a $15,000 challenge. If they can raise $15,000, then this person will match that! Thank you so much for your help!

God Bless You!