Make Every Student a Producer!

making students producers
Make every student a producer and learn about economics in a fun way.

I hope that you got a chance to read my blog post on Community Helpers. I always start my study on economics with a unit on community helpers.

My students learned so much about goods and services and they had fun doing it!

First, we discussed what a producer and a consumer are.

The students had to come up with a plan of what they wanted to produce and the materials that they would need. Here are a few pictures of the plans.




The students brought materials from home so we had a great lesson on recycling.


The students worked very hard on their goods! The results were pretty impressive!


This is a wedding cake.

This little girl was so excited because she said this was going to be her doll.

Of course, the favorite was robots.

The last step was writing about their goods. They were actually happy to write about their projects. I was so happy to see how excited and proud they were.


My students completed the activities in our Goods and Services Unit, which includes 2 fun and upbeat songs. They would actually sing the song when they were working on their activities. There is a daily lesson plan for 5 days as well as other projects and ideas included.


goods and services activities
Students love singing and learning about goods and services with these fun activities.


You can read  reviews  like ” This was a great prop with my students who didn’t get it as well.” “This was a great resource to use when creating an entire unit! The real world aspect was great as well! Highly recommended!”  at our TPT store.    


Wants and Needs

After we completed our Goods and Services unit, we did a unit on Wants and Needs. The daily lesson plans follow the units nicely. This is a big book that I made out of the pages that are included in this resource, so the students could follow along as we sang the song that is also included. As you can see, I have included both links where you can purchase these economics products. Let me assure you that both are identical and that your purchases at both places are safe and secure.

Wants and Needs


Thanks for all the support and we hope that you are enjoying our blog posts.





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