Leprechaun Traps-A STEM Activity

leprechaun traps

My students had a blast making these leprechaun traps. They brought in recyclable items from home and then worked in partner groups to build their traps. We discussed how they needed a way for the leprechaun to enter the traps and how their traps would close or keep the leprechaun from escaping.

Here are some books that I read to the class. Click here to read more about these great books!

St.Patrick's Day Books

Clever Leprechaun

Clever Leprechaun is also another book that the students read and worked in during guided reading. The students loved the real photos and singing about the clever leprechaun. There is a colored version and a black and white one for the students to write in. There are ideas included on ways to use the empty boxes next to the real photos. There are also questions in the back of the book. I encouraged the students to use the book to find their answers.

St.Patrick's Day Book for kids


The last question in the book tells them to draw where the leprechaun’s gold is. I loved seeing their pictures!


Student picture of leprechaun


Different Leprechaun Traps

The students all came up with different leprechaun traps. I placed different craft items on the table and they chose what they wanted to use to create their traps. They worked in groups of 3. I thought they did an awesome job with the different designs they came up with. I also enjoyed the discussion we had about why they thought some traps were good for catching leprechauns and some were not.

leprechaun traps

This was one of the favorite traps because the box closed when the stick was hit. Some of the students argued that the leprechaun would be able to slip in and out around the stick.

leprechaun trapThe students thought this was a good design. You would have to be there to pull the door closed though.

leprechaun trapThis partner group thought the glitter would attract the leprechaun and the leprechaun would get stuck on the tape.

leprechaun trapThis group had a great idea of the leprechaun following the arrows and then the trap coming down on him.

I was just so impressed with all these clever ideas and the discussion this activity generated. It always amazes me what students will create on their own!

 St. Patrick’s Day Scoot Games

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picture of St.Patrick's Day math game

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Enjoy St.Patrick’s Day!



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