All about Scoot and a FREEBIE!


How many of you would like the best and quickest way to get your students to listen ?

When students play games they have to pay attention. Some games can move quickly so students have to be attentive and ready to move.

Using games as a way to engage students is an effective way to enhance their learning and their ability to recall information.

Some of y’all may have heard of Scoot. It is a game where your students answer questions or problems on a card as they walk to each desk. Our kiddos love it, especially when Pam says “Scoot” to signal them to move to the next desk. The students have to listen so they know when to move to the next desk. It is also the best way to get your students up and moving while they practice their skills. This game keeps them engaged because they know they have to answer quickly and move when you say “Scoot” Students love it because it is a game and teachers love it because their students are engaged in their learning.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like your students just aren’t listening and they are wiggling all over the place? Of course you have!

This is when you pull out one of our fun and engaging  Scoot games and get those children moving!
This is a great way to pre-assess what your students already know about a subject or a fun way to assess your students after you have taught a subject.
It also one of the best ways to review objectives that you have been teaching. 
Sometimes I like having the students play Scoot and then gather them on the carpet to go over answers together.

Good ‘Ol Task Cards

The beauty of our Scoot games is that they can also be used as task cards.  Simply use the cards and the recording sheets without the whole “Scoot” of it all and voila!  The perfect center.  Our math scoots are unique because we’ve also included manipulatives for independent center work. Another way to use these task cards is to tape them around the room and give students the recording sheet on a clipboard to answer on.

Check out the comments that teachers have made on this popular money scoot at our  TPT Store.

Here is a sample of the cards. The kiddos love the monkeys!
We also have them for the seasons. This is one we have for fall.
Click on any of the pictures to see more about the products: We have also included cute manipulatives if you want to use these cards in a math center.
This is a fun one for students who need practice with sequencing numbers to 10. They love the dogs! There is also manipulatives with numbers if you want to use them in a number center.

This is our Skip Counting scoot bundle with 3 games in one! The students love the pets and the cute manipulatives that come with each set.


We have this one on multiplication and there is also one on division.
This is a fun way to see if your students know their blends.
This is another fun game that is very popular! Check out all the comments on this fun game:) We put many different math skills in this game so it is a great review or a good way to see what math concepts that students struggle with. This can also be used for Scoot or in a math center with the fun candy manipulatives
Read more about this fun game and sign up for a free candy graph. Your students will love this activity, so be sure to check it out.
I thought I would also show you how I keep all these games organized. I absolutely love this container. I actually have 4 of these, so that tells you how much I love them!
Just click on the picture below to check it out at Amazon. I am an affiliate and will get a small commission on it, so I appreciate that if you decide to purchase it. It is Prime so you can get it in 2 days. I believe you can also get these cases at Michaels from time to time. Just click on the picture below to check them out.
Game Card Organizer
I love how I can carry this case around too. I brought this home so I could redo the titles on the individual cases. I had a sweet man come into class to help me  and I made the mistake of thinking that just because he was a former teacher, that he would know what to write on the labels, oh well, at least he put all the game cards in the cases for me so I feel more organized, and can put my hands on these cards when I need them.
Game Card Organizer
Trust me when I say, “this is one of the best organizational tools that I have.” It has 16 little cases, but I put individual games and centers in baggies and I can get 2 or 3 games/centers in one small case, and sense we have created many games, this has helped me to keep them organized.
I even gave them to my teacher friends as gifts and they love them too!
Okay, enough about my obsession with these boxes!
We would like y’all to try one of our Scoot games for FREE and get instructions on how to use these cards in several different ways.
We know that your students will enjoy it and you will love getting those wiggles out!
Just click on the picture to grab it!
We know that your students will love to  play Scoot and Brain Bounce because our students do!

What are some fun games that you do to get your kids moving?

Please share this post with all your teacher friends so they can learn about Scoot.

Pam and Brittany

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6 thoughts on “All about Scoot and a FREEBIE!”

  1. Wendy

    Students love Scoot games and it’s such a fun way to check their learning! I adore that carry case – perfect for storage and when you’re on the go – this would be great for a substitute teacher too! Checking out your fun games and signing up for the 5 day challenge – thanks so much!

    1. SOL Train Learning

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out our games! Our students do love playing them and we hope that you will enjoy your free Apple Scoot game!

  2. Kathy

    The pumpkin scoot will be perfect in October! We LOVE Scoot!

    1. SOL Train Learning

      Yay! We do too! Thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    I love using Scoot games with my kids. It allows them opportunities to move while they are working/learning!

    1. SOL Train Learning

      We do too! That is why we created so many of them.

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