Organizing Your Students’ Work Week

How would you like to be organized for the whole week ? I know it always made my life easier to have all my students’ work ready to go for each week. This is one of the many things I wish I had learned as a new teacher. I remember I use to run into school and run my sheets off for the day. I don’t know why I didn’t think about organizing my students’ work for the week. I had my plans completed, so I knew what I needed. This is just something I had to learn along the way. 
The first thing I did to organize my student’s work for the week was copy my sheets and put post-it notes with what day of the week I would be using the sheets.
Then I placed them in the correct folders.
I put the folders in the correct box and then I was ready for the week.
I ordered these from Lakeshore and I  love them! 
 I also put my books in these boxes that I wanted to read for that day or other resources I may have used.  You could also label  the boxes with subject names instead of the days of the week and just place all of your reading materials in the red box, math in the orange box, etc.  You could label the folders Mon, Tues. etc.
They are a bit pricey, and you have to pay for shipping. I was fortunate because my school bought them for me.
This post contains affiliate links through which I will receive a small compensation when you click through and purchase, so thank you!
I did find these bins for a lot cheaper. They are only $22.17 and it is free shipping.
I also like these pocket labels to put on the bins or you can use them to make a behavior chart where you can change names easily each year or when students leave early in the year. All you have to do is slip out their name card.
Amazon also has these stackable trays. I like them because they are in different colors and there are 5 for each day of the week. I also like them because they are a space saver.
They are Prime, so you can get them quickly and if you are a Prime member, no shipping!

If you need folders, these are great for your money. You get 100 folders in different colors and they are also Prime.
If you can’t get your school to purchase this for you or you can’t afford to pay for bins yourself, you could make a set with boxes that sets of books come in to your school.  I know we get samples of reading materials or math that come in these boxes where the books are standing up like a magazine holder, usually bigger.  You could also check the dollar store or Target for open containers that might work.  It is a great way to keep you planned and organized for the week and the substitute teacher has no problem finding the work for that day.  I also have a folder labeled “Extra Sheets”  that I put in each box for the sub to have if she or he needs them.
We hope this little tip on organizing your papers for the week has been helpful to you.
Please share this post and comment on other ways to organize your students’ work. We love hearing from you!
Pam and Brittany

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