4 Simple Ways to Teach Maps for Primary Students

Social Studies can be tricky.

Especially for your primary students. Maps for primary students can be a very complex topic, so we are here to make your life just a little bit simpler.

Step 1: Read about maps

This is a great book to teach maps. Who doesn’t love Reading Rainbow?

Step 2: Sing about maps

If you have never used music to teach a lesson, this is a total game changer! Parents can do this for Distance Learning as well.

  1. Listen to a song on maps. Ours is only $1. Buy it here!
  2. Have a lyric sheet ready to look over with your students. Talk about the words and what they mean. What can we learn from these words?
  3. Sing the song again.
  4. Ask if students noticed anything new.

Step 3: Create using maps

Have your students create classroom maps. Encourage them to use the maps vocabulary as they are creating. If you are using this for Distance Learning, then encourage students to make a map of their bedroom, house or neighborhood.

Pam heard conversations between her students about where the North, South, East, and West sides were in the room. One girl commented on how catchy the maps song was! Below are some pictures:

Above, one of Pam’s students is pointing to the North side of the room.

This friend is working on his legend.

Step 4: Read and sing about maps

This step is very near and dear to our hearts! We have a maps emergent reader that is awesome! It has so many great features to reinforce phonics and vocabulary. Check it out below!

Here’s what you will find with all of our Emergent Readers!

  1. PDF with color and BW pages
  2. A real photo for every vocabulary word
  3. 5-6 words centered on the theme of the book
  4. A familiar piggy-back tune to help students sing and read at the same time
  5. A literacy enrichment box on each page to practice phonics concepts like beginning sound, blend, digraph, etc.
  6. Comprehension questions at the end
  7. A comprehensive teaching guide to show you every step of the way!

Check out all of our Emergent Readers here!

If you want to go digital, we’re on Boom Learning! Enjoy many of the same Emergent Reader features with a bonus recording of each song. Perfect for Distance Learning and a Blended Learning classroom. They are self-checking and paperlessClick below to see more:

We hope you will find these great tips useful for teaching maps and many other concepts to your learners. Have a great day!

Brittany and Pam

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