Essential Literacy Connections in Minutes a Day!

Well hello there teacher friend!

This has most assuredly been a year. In fact, I do think that is the understatement of all existence! We have been pushed to our limits and then some and you know what, we’ve persevered. We’re here and you know what? We’re stronger! I don’t just mean oh adversity makes you stronger blah blah blah, but we’re strong enough to say YES to what works for our students and NO to what doesn’t. After this year, I don’t care anymore about what people think. Life is too short and my students need me too much for me to be wrapped up in the things that don’t matter. Take a look at the video clip below from my last day at school. Can ya relate?

So let’s take a minute. What are you getting rid of? What are you looking forward to? Share with us in the comments below!

You want to know what we’re looking forward to? A NEW NAME!

Now it’s not just a new name my dear classroom buddy, it is a new identity. 10 years ago, S.O.L. Train Learning was born of a music teacher and a primary teacher who wanted to help children learn through music. We thought we were being cute because SOL were the state of VA standards of learning and our original songs were aligned to the VA SOL standards. It was pronounced “soul” train so that was super fun. Problem was, most people didn’t know what S.O.L. stood for and as you can imagine, many thought it meant “sheer” out of luck, you know I mean.

In a way, we were S.O.L. We succumbed to shiny object syndrome, creating any resource under the sun that we thought would be helpful. As a result we exposed you to Netflix syndrome, being overwhelmed by all we had to offer and not really knowing what we were about.

Well, we are no longer S.O.L. and you aren’t either!

Dynamic Learning is here to help you with all your content area literacy needs!

Throughout the last ten years, one thing was always crystal clear with our direction: a passion for literacy. Pam and I studied it, wrote blog posts about it, and put painstaking efforts towards our literacy-building method in the classroom. In celebration of what we are leaving behind and what we are becoming…

We want to invite you to our  FREE Stress-Free Literacy in 15 Minutes a Day workshop.

We are going to give you all the secrets that allowed Pam to turn her classroom full of emergent learners into grade-level readers in one year!

That’s amazing! Sign me up.


In this FREE workshop, we will show you:

  1. How to prep like a rockstar and maximize your 15 minutes daily
  2. How to choose the RIGHT vocabulary that will turn your emergent learners into grade-level readers
  3. How to build purposeful connections that will skyrocket your students’ literacy

Save your seat now!


Stay tuned for all the exciting updates!

Brittany and Pam


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