Ideal Election Activity to Combine Phonics and Politics

With Election Day coming, I decided to share with you an exercise I did with my students, where they held an election for extra recess.  Using words from our November calendar and Daily Concept Builders  as a guide, I tried to incorporate as many words as I could into the process.
My students worked on posters and campaigned for their choices.  They were so involved during writing workshop as they created their posters.

One of my students wanted to know how to spell vote and another student took out our November calendar with the vocabulary words on it.  The student pointed to the word vote as the group was working on the poster.  I was so thrilled to see this application!


(Pictured above is our old student calendar.  Now it’s editable!)

Here is the new version which is now cut and paste and makes it more interactive for the students. They can follow the group calendar pattern or you can let them create their own-

Click on the picture to see more.

After the students finished creating their posters, they campaigned and gave speeches to another classroom.  I provided ballots for the students to vote on. The students voted and then I pulled out each vote and tallied them in front of the class. The students were so funny because they would cheer and clap every time I pulled out their choice. Just in case you were wondering who won, it was outdoor recess!

Another great thing that happened was when one of my students pointed to “vote” in the hallway!  They are always looking and finding words that they have learned from their calendars.

Here is a full list of the words I used during this exercise. They are included in our Election Day Book that is also a song.  It’s part of our November Daily Concept Builders

See all of our November Daily Concept Builders


One of my students said his friend did such a great job campaigning for outdoor recess that he was changing sides!  I love seeing that kind of application. He said his friend told him that playing outside on the equipment makes you strong and healthy.

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We hope that your students will have fun learning about the election! Feel free to comment below with your election ideas.  You can have a classroom election, vote for food in the cafeteria, maybe vote for a new center activity.  The options are endless and we want to hear from you!

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