Ideal Election Activity to Combine Phonics and Politics

In the spirit of Election Day, we decided to share with you an exercise Pam did with her students, where they held an election for extra recess.  Using our Election Day Learning Pack as a guide, Pam tried to incorporate as many words as she could into the process.
They worked on posters and campaigned for their choices. Pam then provided them with ballots to vote on.  They were so involved during writing workshop as they created their posters.

One of her students wanted to know how to spell vote and another student took out our November calendar with the vocabulary words on it.  The student pointed to the word vote as the group was working on the poster.  Pam was so thrilled to see this application!


(Pictured above is our old student calendar.  The new version is interactive!)

Here is a full list of the words Pam used during this exercise that are included in our Election Day Learning Pack: GOVERNMENT, ELECTION, CAMPAIGN, CANDIDATE, BALLOT, VOTE

One of Pam’s students said his friend did such a great job campaigning for outdoor recess that he was changing sides!  We love seeing that kind of application. He said that his friend told him that playing outside on the equipment makes you strong and healthy.


Would you like a FREE resource that helps you use these words in your classroom and get your kids moving at the same time?  Click the image below to read more!

Feel free to comment below with your election ideas.  You can have a classroom election, vote for food in the cafeteria, maybe vote for a new center activity.  The options are endless and we want to hear from you!

Have an awesome week,