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Thankful Teachers Giveaway 2016

Happy Almost Thanksgiving to You!This week we want to celebrate you, and of course your students. Without you there would be no us. Yours and your students’ needs are what drive us each and every day. So, to say thank you for your support, we’re giving stuff away! We’ll be hosting this giveaway from midnight

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Ideal Election Activity to Combine Phonics and Politics

In the spirit of Election Day, we decided to share with you an exercise Pam did with her students, where they held an election for extra recess.  Using our Election Day Learning Pack as a guide, Pam tried to incorporate as many words as she could into the process. They worked on posters and campaigned for

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How to Take STEM One Step Further

Happy November to You My bleary-eyed Monday Halloween survivor! I bet you’re wondering now how that candy can be good for anything besides migraine-inducing, sugar-infused, crazy children. Well, I’m here to tell you what it is good for…STEM projects.Candy Corn STEMNow, this project is probably no mystery to you in the age of Pinterest. It’s

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7 Ideal Activities for Fall Leaves

Hello there you cozy cool teaching cat! Well it should be fall, but here summer is lasting a little longer. How about you? These fun leaf activities will get you in the fall spirit in no time no matter what the climate where you are! Not to mention, in good S.O.L. Train style, it combines

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The Ultimate Secret to Learning with STEM

Happy October you festive ball of fun!As you well know, we are getting into the season of the seasonal. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. How are you supposed to get any teaching done with all the sugar-crazed insanity and general excitement in your classroom? Better yet, how are you supposed to get them to

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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to STEM

Howdy there you scientific overachiever!You are reading this post, which means you are like me and don’t even know where to begin with this STEM business. You know it’s important, and you care about your students’ success, so you want to use STEM in your classroom. There’s only one issue, you have no idea how

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