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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to STEM

Howdy there you scientific overachiever!You are reading this post, which means you are like me and don’t even know where to begin with this STEM business. You know it’s important, and you care about your students’ success, so you want to use STEM in your classroom. There’s only one issue, you have no idea how

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5 Little Tricks for More Productive Centers

Making Centers More ProductiveSeems like an elusive goal at times, doesn’t it?  We want our students to be independent, have variety in their learning experiences, and let’s face it, maybe have time to ourselves for some data input *wink.*  What if I told you you can fit math, english language arts, science, and social studies

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How to Collect Easy Data From Independent Learners

Happy Thursday To You!Wow! It has been awhile since I’ve shared with you and it feels soo good to get back to it. I have been on vacation with family, then entertaining family, and of course, working on this super cool website to get it ready for you fine folks. If you are interested in

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Deals for Teachers All Summer!

It is the last week of Ocean Deals and it is the best! Wait until you see what our group is giving away this week! We are starting with Dollar Deals on Monday. We have our brand new Back to School ELA book and song! Your kiddos will read and sing about going back to

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The Very Last Assignment You’ll Have to Grade This Year: Week 5

Salutations on this lovely June day!We are nearing the end of our fun together, working step-by-step through a real-life classroom project.  If you’re not entirely sure what the project is and are very confused, feel free to catch up below.  This is the perfect year-end project when testing is over and you’re not sure what

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