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The Essential List of End of the Year Books!

This post contains affiliate links through which I will receive a small compensation when you click through and purchase. Well, Weary Teachers, it is that time of the year where you think those last few days or last few weeks of school are never going to come! I think the best thing to do is

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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Teacher Appreciation Week is next week! May 6- May 10 We know how hard you all work in your classrooms every day and we want to show you our appreciation for all that you do for your students, parents and school community! Every day we will be sending a free resource to all

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The Essential List of Baby Chick Books

I want to start with some good books to read to your students. From Egg to Chicken explains what an egg is made of and how it hatches into a chicken. The kids love the illustrations and the book provides great facts for your chick study! I really like Where Do Chicks Come From? It

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The Essential Project for Earth Day and Mother’s Day

Why hello there! Happy Fun Friday to you.  Today we will be sharing a fun activity for both Earth Day and Mother’s Day.  We are all about maximizing the little time you have in the classroom, so here it is: First of all, you will be using milk cartons that students have saved from lunch,

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Amazing April Dollar Deals!

This post is for our Freaky Friday fans!!  We have decided to bring you a similar sale called AMAZING APRIL, so you can have some fun toward the end of your school year too!  As usual, we will be offering you a wide range of resources, for various grade levels, at the super duper price

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