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Picture of November Vocabulary

How to Teach Great November Content Vocabulary

Vocabulary Calendar I start my circle time with introducing a November content vocabulary word from our calendar. I go over the definition of the word and encourage my students to find features of the words. For instance, one of the words was veteran and one of my girls pointed out that the word family -an

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How to Take STEM One Step Further

Happy October to You! I bet you’re wondering how you can keep your students engaged during October, the exciting season of candy! Well, I’m here to tell you what else candy is good for…STEM projects. Candy STEM Now, this project is probably no mystery to you in the age of Pinterest. It’s really nothing new.

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5 Fun Ways to Learn Sight Words (with a Spooky Twist)

   5 Fun and Engaging Sight Word Activities (Spooky)Sight Word Recall Give your student or students a stack of  sight word flash cards. If you want to purchase our monster sight word cards, then you can use those.  Have him, her, or them select all the words they recognize and put the words aside.  Then,

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2 ELL students using word wall words

Tips For Word Wall Activities

    What Are Word Wall Activities?   This  is a wall dedicated to displaying high frequency words such as sight words or words that are used a lot in your class. They are words that are important for your students to know and use. In early elementary classrooms, these are words that children are

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students doing STEM and Literacy

The Ultimate Guide For Integrating Literacy and STEM

Finding Time to Do STEM I was having trouble finding time to do STEM during the school day, so I decided to integrate it with my literacy stations. This is my ultimate guide for integrating literacy with STEM. Students Learn Vocabulary While Doing STEM Happy Fall you festive ball of fun! As you well know,

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The Essential Guide to Learning Centers

Why Should You Do Centers? You should do centers because students have fun, work independently, and free you up to be more effective as an educator.  When done correctly, centers give you the ultimate autonomy you so desperately need and desire, plus it gives students autonomy, which prepares them for the self-driven challenges of the

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