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The Essential List of Baby Chick Books

I want to start with some good books to read to your students. From Egg to Chicken explains what an egg is made of and how it hatches into a chicken. The kids love the illustrations and the book provides great facts for your chick study! I really like Where Do Chicks Come From? It

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The Essential Project for Earth Day and Mother’s Day

Why hello there! Happy Fun Friday to you.  Today we will be sharing a fun activity for both Earth Day and Mother’s Day.  We are all about maximizing the little time you have in the classroom, so here it is: First of all, you will be using milk cartons that students have saved from lunch,

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Amazing April Dollar Deals!

This post is for our Freaky Friday fans!!  We have decided to bring you a similar sale called AMAZING APRIL, so you can have some fun toward the end of your school year too!  As usual, we will be offering you a wide range of resources, for various grade levels, at the super duper price

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Leprechaun Traps-A STEM Activity

My students had a blast making these leprechaun traps. They brought in recyclable items from home and then worked in partner groups to build their traps. We discussed how they needed a way for the leprechaun to enter the traps and how their traps would close or keep the leprechaun from escaping. Here are some

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Make Every Student a Producer!

I hope that you got a chance to read my blog post on Community Helpers. I always start my study on economics with a unit on community helpers. My students learned so much about goods and services and they had fun doing it! First, we discussed what a producer and a consumer are. The students

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