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The Daily Content-Area Vocabulary Routine

Do you get questioning looks from your English Language Learners when you use content area vocabulary? You are not alone! I experienced this very scenario frequently with my first grade English Language Learners. They often did not have the same background as my English speaking students and had difficulty understanding a large portion of our

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6 different types of journals

6 Types of Journals in the Elementary Classroom

  Last week I posted an article on the 5 signs your journals could be falling short in the classroom. Be sure to check that out if you didn’t get a chance to read it yet. 5 Signs Your Journals are Falling Short One of the signs was “using journals just for language arts.” Don’t

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Picture of child writing in journal.

5 Signs Your Journals are Falling Short

I have always used journals in my classrooms. They are such a great assessment tool to see how much students have progressed throughout the year and to observe what and how students are thinking. Journals can be great if they are used correctly. Here are 5 signs to indicate that journals aren’t being used to

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All about Scoot and a FREEBIE!

  How many of you would like the best and quickest way to get your students to listen ? When students play games they have to pay attention. Some games can move quickly so students have to be attentive and ready to move. Using games as a way to engage students is an effective way

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The Most Important Thing for Teachers to Do This Summer

When I was teaching full-time, we would get out in June. Then we had to show up the next day for a teacher workday. We had to make sure all of our student files were in the correct sequential order in what we called the “vault.” You were never allowed to take a folder away

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Organizing Your Students’ Work Week

  How would you like to be organized for the whole week ? I know it always made my life easier to have all my students’ work ready to go for each week. This is one of the many things I wish I had learned as a new teacher. I remember I use to run into

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