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All about Scoot and a FREEBIE!

  How many of you would like the best and quickest way to get your students to listen ? When students play games they have to pay attention. Some games can move quickly so students have to be attentive and ready to move. Using games as a way to engage students is an effective way

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The Most Important Thing for Teachers to Do This Summer

When I was teaching full-time, we would get out in June. Then we had to show up the next day for a teacher workday. We had to make sure all of our student files were in the correct sequential order in what we called the “vault.” You were never allowed to take a folder away

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Organizing Your Students’ Work Week

  How would you like to be organized for the whole week ? I know it always made my life easier to have all my students’ work ready to go for each week. This is one of the many things I wish I had learned as a new teacher. I remember I use to run into

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The Literacy Tool Every Primary Teacher Needs!

When I first started teaching first grade,  I thought of literacy as just reading and writing. I saw it as a separate entity. I never thought about it as I taught math, science or social studies. I taught my students how to add and subtract and I taught them about the water cycle and famous

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The Essential List of End of the Year Books!

This post contains affiliate links through which I will receive a small compensation when you click through and purchase. Well, Weary Teachers, it is that time of the year where you think those last few days or last few weeks of school are never going to come! I think the best thing to do is

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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Teacher Appreciation Week is next week! May 6- May 10 We know how hard you all work in your classrooms every day and we want to show you our appreciation for all that you do for your students, parents and school community! Every day we will be sending a free resource to all

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