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The $1 Deal That’s Perfect Year-Round

It’s That Time Again Friends! We’re bringing back our ultimate crowd pleaser for Freaky Friday this week.  These little sweets are so much fun and are insanely popular year round.  This has been one of our bestsellers for over a year and it’s easy to see why. Play Scoot with it Play Brain Bounce Use

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5 Fun Ways to Learn Sight Words (with a Spooky Twist)

   Below are some fun ways to teach and reinforce sight words.  In parentheses we’ve added a Halloween twist: (Spooky)Sight Word Recall Give your student or students a stack of  sight word flash cards. If you want to purchase our monster sight word cards, then you can use those.  Have him, her, or them select

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Freaky Friday is Back!

We are so excited to let y’all know that we are back with our teacher friends to bring $1 Deals every Friday in October! We have chosen our popular Pumpkin Scoot game for missing numbers to 10. Grab it while it is just a $1. You can use these pumpkin cards in a math center

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World Teacher Day Giveaway!

We have joined some awesome teachers to give you an opportunity to win one of these cards! Enter below!   We also are offering resources for 50% just today, Oct.5!  We bundled our Halloween ELA bundle and our Halloween Math bundle. It includes our original Pumpkin Patch book that is about kindness, Pumpkin pocket chart

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Ultimate Guide to Classroom Culture Day 5

First off… I was looking through my photos and I realized that I forgot to tell y’all about my decoration that leads into my classroom. I put Quentin and Mandy outside my door with the caption “Welcome Quality First Graders!” That way, they see the word quality right away and I refer to that when

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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Classroom Culture- Day 4

Well, it is Day 4 of school and that’s when my students really start understanding what a quality student looks like! Need to catch up? Click to read days 1, 2, and 3. Around the classroom, I’ll hear things like: “Juan is being a quality student because he is sharing his legos” or “Tommy isn’t

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