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Fun Friday Scavenger Hunt

Hey you! Just popping in really quick to share our Fun Friday treat.  We’re doing another Scavenger Hunt and it’s sure to be a lot of fun.  This hunt is not based on who answers first so you have plenty of time to contribute.  Also, we’ll just share a little something to jumpstart your classroom.

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What a Bouquet of Dandelions Really Means

“Oh crap, here comes another one,” you think as what seems like the 100th child today brings you a bundle of weeds.  She smiles wide as her innocence has blinded her to the true nature of the dirt-caked monstrosity she’s handed you.  Your very first bouquet was just so sweet.  How wonderful for a child

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#1 Reason to Motivate Rather Than Dictate in the Classroom

Hello out there, As you know, we’ve been sharing with you how to be an educational superhero.  If you need to catch up, here are the articles in order: Why This One Basic Teaching Principle is Holding Your Students Back, 10 Ways to Stop Sending Kids to the Principal, The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Project-Based

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Give Away and SALE!

We’re giving away a pot full o’Edubucks to our users, and entering to win is SUPER SIMPLE! 1 Entry: Stop by the storefronts listed below to check out their awesome products. While you are there, follow their stores (tap the heart) and you automatically have 1 entry for the prizes! Be sure to come back to this post

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3 Easy Steps to Total Comprehension for All Learners

 The most important facet of teaching is giving students tools, right?  That’s what we have been talking about for the past few weeks in our How to Be an Educational Superhero series.  Our last post talked about Project Based Learning and how to give the learning process back to the students.  In this post I

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Leap Year Sale

Today’s deal is 50% off products: We are offering our Plants Bundle which is over 100 pages! It includes our fun song, book, games, ELA and math sheets, scoot games and more! Just click the picture below to see more or purchase for 50% off! I made a big book with the plant book that

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