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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Project-Based Learning

Hey there Super Teachers! Welcome to the third article in our series How to be an Educational Superhero.  Our first article, Why This One Basic Teaching Principle is Holding Your Students Back,  talks a bit about the motivation behind this series.  In order to be a superhero in your classroom, it is important to facilitate

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A Fun George Washington Craft and Song Book!

 We are so excited about our new addition to our word of the day products! We are adding these books each month that will include our calendar words. Your kiddos can highlight the word of the day as well as sing the words in their books, which they love to do! Each book comes in

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3 Simple Steps to Breaking A Stale Routine

You know it well…the breaking point.  You experience the same thing over and over, and still feel as though you’re running across an endless plateau.  Will I ever see the end?  Or worse, will I suddenly drop off and never ascend again?  I’ve decided to reach out and show you we’re in this together. So

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10 Ways to Stop Sending Students to the Principal

“I wish I could just get my students to behave!”  Does this sound all too familiar?  It’s a common issue we face as educators, and let’s face it, parents too.  The rules are all too clear.  Why is it that the kids can’t just follow them?  We feel frustrated and angry, and sometimes we truly believe that one “difficult

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Start Your Year Inspired SALE!

We’re excited to tell y’all that TPT is having a SALE and we have placed everything in our store on SALE!  We wanted to share our newest winter resource! This fun center features our favorite penguin, Quality Quentin! Your kiddos will love building our Team 25 snowball sight words! There is a teacher guide included. 

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