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Money Scoot Math Game and Center


BRAND NEW: Manipulatives added! You should copy them on tagboard so they will last longer.
Have your kids swinging from desk to desk with this fun Monkey MONEY Scoot. These money game task cards test your students’ MONEY knowledge UP TO fifty CENTS with single COIN cards, or MIX IT UP for an extra challenge. These cards work for first, second grade or Homeschool. The cards would be great in a math center!
We just added our quality coin chart as well as the coin manipulatives, so students can count coins as they lay them on the chart.

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Students will learn how to count money when they play this fun and engaging math game. They can also use the coin manipulatives and coin chart in a math center. 


  • Directions to Money “Scoot”
  • 24 task cards and 4 Take a Break Cards if you have more than 24 students
  • Cards with a mixture of coins
  • Coin manipulatives
  • Coin counting chart
  • A recording sheet
  • Answer Key

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